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Video: Cottage Ownership – Know what you’re buying

Nov 27, 2020

There are few traditions more Canadian than weekends at the cottage. To ensure that your time at the cottage is filled with relaxation instead of drama, consult a lawyer before you buy to protect yourself from unexpected problems.

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Video Transcript

Cottage and urban properties differ in more ways than you may think. For instance, some cottage properties can only be accessed by boat or there may be public access to part of your property. Even if the cottage has municipal road access, it may only be seasonal. This means no garbage collection and snow removal or emergency services in the winter. If the cottage is located on the water, there may be a shoreline road allowance along the water’s edge that is owned by the government, unless the allowance rights have been transferred, the public can walk or drive along it. There are also rules about construction at the edge of or extending into the water even if neighboring properties have docks or boat houses, this doesn’t guarantee that you can build one. So before you buy, contact a real estate lawyer who is familiar with these and other rural property issues.